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Exciting Breakthrough: Revolutionizing Adolescent Health in Luwero and Kole Districts!

an adolescent taking a health test

Witness the remarkable strides made by Samasha and PPG in transforming Adolescent Health(ADH) in Luwero and Kole Districts!


Through dedicated community outreach programs across five high-need sub-counties in Luwero District, Samasha has provided Adolescent Health focused services, including HPV vaccination, outpatient care, HIV testing and counseling, family planning services, STI treatment, and dissemination of vital health information. 

These efforts are geared towards empowering the youth by ensuring access to essential healthcare services and knowledge. We celebrated a significant milestone as we wrapped up our school health initiatives in Luwero District, with a primary focus on the establishment of health clubs on March 23rd, 2024.

Going beyond mere illness treatment, our endeavors aimed at fostering proactive health habits among students. From promoting menstrual hygiene to raising awareness about sexual and reproductive health, we equipped learners with essential knowledge about bodily changes. By emphasizing preventive measures, we collectively laid the foundation for a healthier future.


During the inaugural meeting with Kole District leadership, Samasha strategically outlined plans to not only establish the foundation for our intervention but also identify critical and high-impact priorities in Adolescent Health (ADH) priorities in the district. Our major aim was to mitigate the scourge of teenage pregnancies, particularly in the district’s high-burden sub-counties. 

Orientation Kole District

In a partnership with the Adolescent and School Division of the Ministry of Health, Samasha successfully engaged the leadership of Kole District in a full-day orientation and micro-planning session on March 26th, 2024, to have inclusive participation in devising optimal strategies and approaches for the 2024 Adolescent Health Awareness campaigns in Kole.

Looking ahead, Samasha, alongside PPG, is poised to extend support to Kole Districts in the forthcoming Adolescent Health Awareness initiatives, with a particular focus on the five sub-counties identified as bearing the highest burden of adolescent health issues. This partnership promises to deliver impactful interventions that will positively shape the health outcomes of adolescents in Kole Districts.