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Total Market Approach

Providing FP Goods and Services Sustainably and Cost Effictively

Total Market Approach (TMA) for Family Planning (FP)is a concept that aims to provide FP goods or services sustainably and cost-effectively by segmenting the FP market based on population’s preference, ability and willingness to pay for the said goods or services.

The goal of Family Planning Total Market Approach is to better use the comparative advantages of public, nonprofit, and private commercial sources to increase access to and sustainability of Family Planning Market in Uganda. The public sector is currently the major source of modern contraceptives in Uganda covering up to 47 % of current users. However, the Provision of FP commodities through the private sector is considered more sustainable.


Why FP Markets in Uganda

  • Access to Family Planning products

    TMA will Increase demand for and access to Family Planning products in Uganda since all the market sectors (public, private not for profit and commercial) will have a proper method mix.

  • Sustainably & Cost Effectively

    Increase sustainability through engaging the commercial sector. Currently People who have the ability to pay still get their FP products and services from the public or subsidized market because there are few contraceptives in the commercial sector.

  • Duplicative government and donor efforts

    Decrease duplicative government and donor efforts because through TMA studies, the market will be properly segmented and the target market segments for each sector will be identified.

  • Financial pressure

    Take financial pressure off of the public sector as task sharing will be done with the private sector.

Market volume study​

The aim of this study was to determine the market volume of Family Planning Commodities in Uganda and classify the Family Planning commodities according to their market segment. Family Planning commodities were procured from Pharmacies in Kampala and displayed on boards. Below are tables showing the different Family Planning commodities on Uganda market as procured by Samasha