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FP2030 Regional consultative meeting successfully facilitated


Samasha was contracted to facilitate a Regional Experience Sharing and Learning workshop on the development of FP2030 commitments. It was held from 4th to 7th October, 2021 at the Admas Grand Hotel in Entebbe. Participants came from the Advance Family Planning partner countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda, as well as stakeholders involved in the FP2030 commitment development process in these countries. It was supported by Reproductive Health Uganda and PPD ARO who are the AFP Uganda implementing partners.

The objectives of the regional consultative meeting were;

  • To get a sense of the lessons learned from the review of FP2020 and best practices going into FP2030 partnership
  • To learn new approaches and strategies adopted by countries to ensure an all-inclusive bottom-up consultative process
  • To share how countries harmonized the FP2030 commitments with other national regional and global initiatives where commitments were made (i.e. SDGs, ICPD+25, EWEC Global strategy)
  • To identify strategies for funding and implementing the FP accountability mechanics

At the end of the workshop, partners shared knowledge among participating countries on the development process of the FP2030 commitments and strengthened roles of the various FP partners’ advocacy and accountability for the FP2030 commitments